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There are two coffee shops in our small town, I must recommend. You won’t find better coffee or nicer people anywhere else… Not that you have must choice. Here is how I came to choose Yoger Presso and Snug Coffee as my new workspace.

Let’s be honest working from home is super difficult, and working from your office is even worst. So the only places left, to create great content, are a park, a library or coffee shops.

Working in a park is just useless, I end up watching kids running around (nothing creepy I just want a child stop judging me I see you), tanning (cause I don’t like being white) or sleeping. This leads to the library, well guys I’m not quiet, I need food to survive and I hate silence. Last one on the list the coffee shop.

We all have our favorite supermarket, bakery, designer (I know way too Carrie Bradshaw my bad). And we definitely all have our favorite coffee shop. to get on my list, it must check all points :

1) Good coffee ( well obviously, Kaina you dumb ) and FOOOD


2) Excellent WiFi… if I want to watch a 2-hour Youtube video and not work (not my style at all)


3) Cozy, good chairs are necessary for a good work session


4) Quiet but not too quiet

He is not quiet at all (SNUG COFFEE)

5) Plugs! most coffee shops don’t think about the people who want to escape their family for hours

6) And finally a good bathroom (be clean please)


You are now  able to find the best coffee shop in your area ! If you are ever in Yecheon, you know where to find me ! Have a good day people of the internet . xxx

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