The beginning of a new Adventure

Nyameko/ October 24, 2019/ Archive/ 2 comments

Its been a year but we are back. Hopefully you will have noticed Lensfeathers absence from your life it has been a full year since we published our last post. You may noticed from our about lensfeathers page that our team is no longer what it was. You may even be wondering what happened.

Yes, sadly the lens in our team had to go to pursue other dreams. And we wish her the best. She will be missed, but change and endings are an inevitable part of life.

Change comes but the journey continues.

What does it mean for

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Nyameko Ishmael Bottoman (Nimz) is a professional paragraph wrangler. He spends his time with his head in the clouds and his boots on the neck of misbehaving metaphors. He prides himself on being a super nanny to adolescent puns.

When he is not busy being the gatekeeper to unruly onomatopoeia he keeps himself busy with writing children’s books, English education fan fiction, and noun-verb erotica.”


  1. I am so happy to find your website , I am so inspired. you’re a great writer

    1. Wow thank you for those kinds words. I hope you enjoy my stories…

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