Jail Time in Korea

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Traveling is one of the best things a person can try. You get out of your comfort zone, discover new things about the world and most importantly you discover yourself. My mother always says: “you must travel before getting married and travel more before having a child.”  You need to know yourself before sharing someone else’s life. Another of her favorites is: “you can only know someone very well by traveling with them.” I have to say I agree with her.


Traveling together has been easy for us, but Nimz and I travel differently. I forget everything, get hyper-excited, and obviously sick all the time while he plans our every move and never ever hurts himself oh and once a year he shows a little emotion proving to the world and sadly to himself, he is a human after all.


Broke in the middle of Korea

But traveling also means money, you need a steady stream and you have to be very careful with your finances. We made one, two or thousand financial mistakes. But that’s a story and post for another time.


My father is no Rothschild and money doesn’t grow on trees so we ended up broke in the middle of Korea. Yes broke in a foreign country with no job and our documents sitting safely in Khayelitsha, South Africa.


We had some really hard times at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Admitting it to each other, expressing and accepting the disappointment and feelings of defeat was difficult. It was difficult bringing ourselves to say it out loud to friends.  


Stuck in Korea with only about $ 200 US and our income streams not working fast enough, what were we to do? Nimz was seriously considering becoming a burlesque dancer and I was going to be a hair, nail, and eyebrow model. A girl’s gotta eat.


Thankfully, we had friends, who helped us out in the darkest times. But being dependant on friends to survive made us queasy at the thought. We had to make a plan


It was difficult but we had to say: “hey, we need to stop and make some money before going on”. We really didn’t want to say it or do it. The money was a big reason for us to stop but we also were tired. Traveling is awesome but sometimes you need to have a base, somewhere you can just “come home” to so now we are “stuck in Yecheon. That’s why we are taking a more focused look on Korea.


When life gives you lemons, make an omelet

When life throws lemons at you, make an omelet! We decided to get a job teaching English in Korea and to keep going in one way or another. We can’t wait to get back to traveling full time. Nimz used to live in Yecheon. And that at least makes it comfortable. Yecheon is a small city in the middle of Gyeosangbukdo. It’s cozy, local and friendly. But everyone knows everyone and everyone’s business.


But we are thankful. We have a roof over our head and food in our stomach every single night which is more than a lot of people on this planet.

I will have the huge pleasure to show the country to my best friend Anthea in the next few weeks.

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  1. How can you make an omelette with lemons? Glad that you made it, though 🙂

    1. Recipe for making omelettes from lemons

      Step1 take lemons life has given you
      Step2 get a frying pan and oil
      Step3 squeeze lemon juice into cup
      Step4 pour lemon juice into eyes
      Step5 fall to the ground in pain
      Step6 réalisé you don’t want omelet anymore…

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