The beginning of a new Adventure

Nyameko/ October 24, 2019/ Archive, Travel/ 2 comments

Its been a year but we are back. Hopefully you will have noticed Lensfeathers absence from your life it has been a full year since we published our last post. You may noticed from our about lensfeathers page that our team is no longer what it was. You may even be wondering what happened. Yes, sadly the lens in our

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What about those 2018 resolutions ?

kaina Saibi/ December 17, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 3 comments

It is never too late to check off some of your 2018 resolutions. If you are like me, on the 31 completely drunk you made some unachievable resolutions with a close friend promise that this year will be different and since then you haven’t thought about them. Well, it’s December now and you suddenly feel like shit. Why? Let’s see…

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ESL Life: Living the EF life

Nyameko/ December 4, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 0 comments

ESL life is fun. You soon find you learn a lot. One thing you learn fast is not all institutions are equal. Check out our four part series on our experience at EF. If you are going to do something, do it well. Anything short of that and you are wasting your time and your life. This is a hard

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The Bucket List

Nyameko/ November 6, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 0 comments

I can imagine no worse a fate than watching the rest of my life sprawled in front of me and not having anything to do. Boredom along with failure are my worst fears. In fact that is one of the reasons we are on this… A week or so ago, we officially hit 1 year of lensfeathers. This mean we

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Belonging Somewhere Else-Tales of Tahiti

Anthea M./ October 10, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 1 comments

Tahiti-Laying down in the shade of a frangipani tree, the smell of the flowers and coconut mixed with the saltiness of the ocean, the burning sand on my feet and the sun glowing on the water. That’s the sight of Tahiti, I want to remember. But in reality, the last thing I saw was my dog, sitting in the living

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Yecheon : Coffee Shop

kaina Saibi/ October 2, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 0 comments

There are two coffee shops in our small town, I must recommend. You won’t find better coffee or nicer people anywhere else… Not that you have must choice. Here is how I came to choose Yoger Presso and Snug Coffee as my new workspace. Let’s be honest working from home is super difficult, and working from your office is even

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They saw me completely naked !

kaina Saibi/ September 13, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 0 comments

If I tell you to go to a jimjilbang (Korean spa), get completely naked in front of hundreds of women would you do it? No, no you probably wouldn’t!  You would look at me like I’m crazier than I actually am, and you would tell me to fuck off which I probably would. But imagine for one second that you

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Traveling while Gay

Khanyisa Mnyaka/ September 7, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 0 comments

I am Khanyisa Mnyaka from Cala, South Africa. I left South Africa in 2010 to teach English in South Korea and haven’t been back since. I visit of course but I’ve been able to let that one decision lead to many opportunities that have kept me living and working in different countries. I spent a few years in the Philippines where I co-started a few businesses and I am currently in Thailand teaching at a Monk University. That’s is life, it flows and I allow myself to flow with it. I am currently stepping into a life of being an author and podcast host, so as the kids say “watch this space”…..BE KIND.

5 Places to visit in Hyderabad

Harsha Sheelam/ September 4, 2018/ Archive, Travel/ 0 comments

Harsha Sheelam is an author, musician (Indian instrument- Sitar), business professional, and embroidery artist.
She concentrates on the issues of today that young teenagers face, and tries to motivate the young children towards positivity. She chooses an unconventional way, quite different from the stories of yesteryears. Her fantasy tales empower young girls and boys to be strong, optimistic and confident. She believes that children have the inquisitiveness to learn more every day, and in the era where they are exposed to wide variety of media, books are the only way to sustain their innocence. She accepts that every person is beautiful inside and out and shouldn’t be put down by anyone who thinks otherwise.
Full of humor, wit, and insight; the short stories and novel champion hard work, perseverance, honesty, and compassion. The books have age-old and contemporary wisdom in a delicious form.