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After all the trains, buses and hostel we needed some normality. Manjeet had advised us to go to the cinema in Thailand. We love the experience of going to the movies, we try and do it everywhere we go.  Nothing is more normal than going to the movies, right? The answer is, not quite.

Nothing more normal than going to the movies….

I won the coin toss for Thor: Ragnorok as our movie. Needless to say it was  AWESOME. But what was peculiar was what happened before the movie.

The adverts played for like 30 minutes, but just before the movie began, something happened. There was sound, the kind of sound that makes you go “hey I have to pay attention now!” While K and I were looking around like sheep that have just heard a wolf howl, everyone stood up and sang.

Yes, the movie ritual is to stand up and sing what we think is the national anthem and pledge to the king (we stand under correction). We have been to cinemas all over. It is always fun seeing the small differences, from the cinema bar in South Africa, to the butler service in the Philippines and now the Thailand with its own unique take on the cinema experience.

Everything is better on the Islands

One of my favorite things about traveling is you get to meet up with old friends all the time. And that’s exactly what we did in Thailand. We decided to go meet up with my boy Naved.

We had hoped he was closer to Bangkok or at the least in the direction of Bangkok and Chiang Mai. WE WERE WRONG! He is in Koh Pangan. We booked at the travel agent at the hostel. It is best to book at Travel Agents, other ways can get complicated.

A friend had advised us to always use the hostel travel agency or we may end up paying through the teeth. In other words, FOREIGNER TAX!!!!!!


We stocked up on travel snacks, after all it was a 12 hour trip. Did I mention it was back in the direction of the Malaysian border? Wish we had known this when we got into Thailand, we would have done it before Bangkok.

We were told the trip would entail a bus, van and ferry, it cost us about 1200 Baht ($37 give or take).

The bus was old and inside it looked like it moonlighted as a prison camp, on the weekends. There was condensation raining down on us the whole trip. It had toilets on board that cockroaches avoided. Seriously you could catch syphilis just by breathing in the air (that’s how you get it right?). Anyway we chose to go budget and its on us.

I slept like a log, Kaina less so. Funnily enough she had phantom itch the entire way. She does not do well with less clean places.

The bus was more than worth it, when taking our experience on Koh Pangan into account.

After about 6 hours we had to change to the van, but not knowing where the change would happen, we ended up rushing out of the bus, and lost our carrot. No that’s not a euphemism for man parts. One of my Chinese  student had given us a carrot shaped travel pillow, the softest most comfortable thing ever and we lost it. I still tear up and crack my neck whenever I think about it.

The van was much better, it was comfortable. What we call a minibus taxi in South Africa. The trip was not too long and quite pleasant. The only issue was us not speaking Thai so we had no idea how long the trip would be. So although we were still exhausted sleep was not an option. Only to find out the trip was 15 minutes long.

Next we got onto the ferry. We were a little worried looking at the skies. It seemed as if a storm would come, but it didn’t thankfully. Ain’t nobody got time for near death experiences on the sea. We wanted to take photos of the ferry but it just was not having it. All we saw were grey skies, brown sea water and the occasional plastic bag trying its best to stay afloat.

Then Koh Pangan happened….




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