About kaina Saibi

So I am French … kinda … I am a third generation of immigrant (yeah I know that’s dope right). My family is from Bejaia (Algeria), I have 8 uncles and aunts, about 20 to 30 cousins, and one brother. My love for dogs and horses needs its own website. I am allergic to cats but can’t stop loving them. My passion is Literature. Traveling was always a thing in my family. My first boat trip, I was a toddler. My first flight alone, I was 6. When being an Au Pair in China came up, I jumped at the chance. It was not the best experience for me, but I would never erase China from my past. It where I met my love, ow Nimz. My first love being, teaching children. Now I am English teacher and have never been happier.  

What about those 2018 resolutions ?

kaina Saibi/ December 17, 2018/ Archive/ 3 comments

It is never too late to check off some of your 2018 resolutions. If you are like me, on the 31 completely drunk you made some unachievable resolutions with a close friend promise that this year will be different and since then you haven’t thought about them. Well, it’s December now and you suddenly feel like shit. Why? Let’s see…

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Yecheon : Coffee Shop

kaina Saibi/ October 2, 2018/ Archive/ 0 comments

There are two coffee shops in our small town, I must recommend. You won’t find better coffee or nicer people anywhere else… Not that you have must choice. Here is how I came to choose Yoger Presso and Snug Coffee as my new workspace. Let’s be honest working from home is super difficult, and working from your office is even

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They saw me completely naked !

kaina Saibi/ September 13, 2018/ Archive/ 0 comments

If I tell you to go to a jimjilbang (Korean spa), get completely naked in front of hundreds of women would you do it? No, no you probably wouldn’t!  You would look at me like I’m crazier than I actually am, and you would tell me to fuck off which I probably would. But imagine for one second that you

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Top 5 Accommodation Websites Worldwide?

kaina Saibi/ October 26, 2017/ Archive/ 1 comments

Top 5 Accommodation Websites Worldwide? No matter who you are or where you are from, there are two costs you must consider before going traveling. Those two costs are 1 the flight costs and 2 the accommodation. Now as for flights and means of travel, we will be looking at those at a later stage, for this piece we will

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French in the Mother City

kaina Saibi/ October 9, 2017/ Archive/ 0 comments

As a native of the Cape of Good Hope, I know Kaina would fall absolutely in love with the mother city. I was soooo right. She almost didn’t want to leave. We got to the Mother City in the late afternoon coming in from Jozi and the first thing we did was go to Khayelitsha. She got to meet my

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