As the Darkness Dissipated

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As the darkness dissipated, Mzi couldn’t help but think “that was the most intense orgasm ever”.
She was up and in the kitchen doing something with water.” Maybe she was washing her hands? Had it been that explosive?” For it to have surrounded him in a sea of darkness, it had to have been. It was still fuzzy as he tried to recollect his senses and see the scene around him. Why was he on the floor and why in God’s name did his temple hurt so much? When she saw him moving she rushed back carrying a cool wet towel and put it on his forehead. W.T.F? Mzi really didn’t understand what was going on, but thought it better to keep quiet and try to figure it out.

the grill man
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First and most importantly he recognized the girl, Eliza was her name and they had been flirting for a while. “Ok, introductions being done, how the hell did we end up here?”
Friday she had mentioned on Skype, she would be at the South African braai. He had cheerfully told her they would meet up there and chill, she had been coy saying she couldn’t be focusing on him because of the circumstances. That had always been their way, they danced an eternal tango, always fencing around the issue of them hooking up. First, he would take a step forward, she would back off. Then he would back off and she would advance, it had always been the way they were. They both loved the chase and had little regard for the catch.
Mzi had prepared for the braai in his own way, after all, it was a reason to drink and make merry. He could never see any more important activity than those. The braai had come and gone, a happy time for all. There was dancing, singing, drinking and eating. The meat had always been a high point, after all, how many times did he get to eat meat marinated in South African spices? Almost never, not since coming to Korea where they didn’t have Robinson’s spices. Mzi had a great time. Eliza, on the other hand, didn’t. The man, alpha douche if you asked Mzi, had ditched her. He had only taken 5 minutes to get some meat and drinks, which she paid for, then had promptly found the lightest looking girl at the braai and proceeded to court her. All of this with no concern for the girl he had arrived with.

Eliza was in shambles and the only thing Mzi could do was, give her a drink and

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entertain her with ludicrous punishments he would visit on the alpha douche. After much debate, Eliza and Mzi decided the best idea would be to braid his pubic hair into one big braid and then proceed to give him a Brazilian wax. The how, wasn’t important, what was important was that Eliza smiled.
After that the night was a blur, there were drinks at a bar, a taxi ride, a singing room, trying to get into a transsexual bar and finally their first kiss. As far as first kisses go it was great. What wasn’t great was the urge to throw up, brought on by consuming a liquor store worth of vodka and whiskey? What a sight they were, trying to hold each other up as they slowly moved up the stairs to his apartment. They promptly brushed their teeth and passed out on the couch. Mzi’s almost OCD habit of always having a spare toothbrush in the place had finally paid off. Somehow in their alcohol-induced stupor their lips had found each other thus making up for the earlier “disaster”

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As Mzi lay on the floor with the now lukewarm towel on his forehead, things were starting to take focus. Something else that he noticed was this painful throbbing in his nether regions, kind of like the time his cricket coach had bowled inaccurately and hit his balls in high school. Whatever could have happened to cause that?
Ok, so they were kissing and he had taken off the blacktop to reveal the lilac bra underneath. It could barely hide her C-cup breast, especially with her nipple sticking out of it as if they were struggling to be free. He had freed them and proceeded to introduce them to his tongue. She liked that, to the point that she, in turn, took off his shirt and started working on him. This had driven him wild and he had taken off her skirt. Her dark color stretched all over her body. Not a single dot of lightness. She looked as seductive and delicious as a chocolate nude statue. He wanted to devour her.

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He laid her on the sofa taking his time to take off her panties. As he did that he took in her scent. Her sight, scent, sound, skin, and taste all drove him wild. She pulled him up and whispered in his ear: “I want you to tie me up”. With that, he stood up went to the wardrobe, took two ties out and walked back. He tied her left ankle to her left wrist, her right ankle to her right wrist. Standing up to admire his handiwork he couldn’t help but compare her to a diamond. Not wasting any more time, he dove down to her inner diamond. He could taste her, and he watched as she started to sparkle. Again they were in a dance. His tongue would push, her hips would move backward, he would pull back slightly and she would push him into her. His tongue fenced with her clitoris, as they danced their intimate dance. She was reaching a climatic high when…BLANK.
What had happened? He didn’t understand. “What happened?” he asked. “I slipped,” she said. “Ok that explains the floor but what about my aching head and balls?” At that, she bent down, stared at his nether regions and started making cooing sounds as if she could hum away the pain. Not the kind of attention Mzi thought his staff would receive tonight, but hey at least she was looking at it.
“Well, you were down there, when I slipped and kicked you in the head, the only problem is we were so drunk we didn’t take off my wooden platform shoes. So basically it’s like I kicked you in the head with a wooden block.” So that’s where a headache came from. “Also when you fell, you fell on your steel belt buckle with your balls”
“An intense orgasm indeed, next time maybe we should use the bed, so we don’t fall off” Mzi sullenly thought.

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